deya dova feature

The first time I listened to Deya Dova I was completely enthralled by the primal, feminine sounds and the huge range of emotion she channels in completely uninhibited expression. She is no doubt a mystic and a visionary and she unashamedly thrusts raw ancestral feminine energy into the world through her extravagant live performances and revolutionary records. 

In much of her music, futuristic global bass sounds dance together with Deya Dova’s exploration of tribal and primal vocal improvisations. At times the tracks express the tender, vulnerable aspect of the feminine (see ‘The Winged One’ from the album Myth of the Cave), and on other occasions raw feminine power drives through in all of its dynamic depth. 

Her songs convey a sense of community and sisterhood through the tribal sounds inspired by indigenous rhythm and melody from all corners. Through her unique music, Deya Dova manages to stir up powerful emotions and her live performances are said to have;

“evolved as a collective ceremonial, unified field dance floor immersion. An ecstatic primal experience evoking the full range of human response. Journeying from ancient earth to the stars.” (

If creativity is a pure expression of the divine then Deya Dova is certainly flowing together with the divine in her musical expression and stage performance art. At times her music is akin to that of a spiritually visionary version of Bjork, like in the track ‘Serpent’s Egg’ from the album Myth of the Cave.

I would wager that those of you who have heard Deya Dova’s music before, have it pierced into memory. Those of you who have not are in for a musical adventure like no other! Since the release of the album Myth of the Cave, Deya Dova’s last 10 singles, or mini-album releases, are a series of musical improvisations all made at sacred sites around the world during a 2 year spiritual and musical journey around the globe.

The most recent track “Birthplace of the Sun” was recorded at “Kaapvaal Craton” in South Africa, and the previous release “Koyanwiti” was recorded at Colorado Plateau and so on. The music and vocals are a response to the land energies of each of the places they visited. These sites all sit on significant points of the Unified Vector Grid (UVG), or earth grid. This planetary energy grid theory operates through geometric patterns that follow a specific symmetry linked to sacred geometry. The grid points can be found at some of the most powerful energy centres on the planet.

All songs are a collaboration between Deya Dova and her partner Hamilton Barnet, who is a producer, DJ and facilitator. An inspired outfit indeed. Check out the video of her process in making “Birthplace of the Sun”, released just a couple of weeks ago!