I read recently that one of the defining characteristics that distinguish us as humans is our need to express imagination through creativity and creative endeavours. A switch was turned on at some point in time that ignited the desire to demonstrate our creativity. We have evidence of this from archaeological discoveries that have made us aware of the creative faculty of our ancient ancestors; the instruments, artifacts, and art that has been dug up or discovered around the world has shed light on multitudes of forgotten junctures in time and the incredible diversity of human creative expression. 


Today I want to talk about the importance of giving ourselves permission to express our creativity. We all have a hard time finding the courage to be creative. No surprise there since we are all skeptical of our own talent to some degree or otherwise impaired by our own insecurity and judgmental thoughts. It seems that we have two choices; so succumb to the pull of habit, brought about by fears and conditioning, or we streak out our own path of authentic creative expression. 

This sounds wonderful and nice doesn’t it, yet things are always more easily said than done. We all have some internal struggle that holds us back from doing things we are passionate about and that keeps us squandering our time and energy. But If we can find the courage to let go of the things that are not serving us then we will attract a life of richness and wonder. To let go we need to become more aware of our own internal world, all the difficult parts included. This might be one of the hardest things so of course, it’s no wonder we have a resistance, yet it is the only worthwhile project. The overarching life project if you will – the big one.

Getting comfortable in the uncomfortable is one of the greatest practices to help move this project along. I was fortunate to make a spectacular mess of it all on a few occasions, so I learnt through the mistakes and came to understand that I was always doing my best at any given time. My best may have looked more or less poorly at times, but it was my best. This lesson has been one of the fundamentals for me personally since it drastically deepened a propensity to be comfortable in the uncomfortable without the noise of the mind interjecting. This knowing goes a long way in silencing the judgmental mind and helps us to become aware of and integrate the more difficult parts of ourselves with more grace.

Essentially it is about surrendering to all aspects of self. The divine and the difficult. Embracing all aspects of ourselves is to allow them to rise and fall within us like waves in the ocean. It is sometimes frightening but nothing is more liberating. Freedom lies in the act of surrendering to all that we fear. 

When we actually do find the courage to express our creativity we find ourselves having the time of our lives. Herein lies the paradox; that immersing ourselves in the creative process is a lifeline when we are feeling low. Throwing yourself into something and learning along the way, this is the only path. Most importantly don’t forget that life is supposed to be fun and expressing creativity is FUN! I’m choosing for more fun and I hope you do too. 

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